Kesha request model

You might already know what i want :slight_smile: i really need her. its a music video i am gonna make , and i need kesha as a 3d model inside gmod :open_mouth: so heres a picture:

Thank you. i will be very happy if this will be made.

I don’t think anyone will be making whole character just because 1 person wants to make a video.

Why not? well if not i’ll make the video my self :C. i can use a rebel model then.

I’d like to see that as a ragdoll too.

Can I just reskin this model?

I don’t think it will better than making a whole new model but go ahead try it.

Don’t forget that Kesha isn’t that scraggly and dosent wear boots or a skirt
(that was a news flash from captian obvious)

R u done yet

dude give him time an also i would love to see kesha put into gmod but also it would be random … who the hell cares

Dose it really take that long to rskin a model? ( note: I have No modeling exp what so ever)