Kestrel from a HALO CE map.

[del]can someone port the kestrel from this halo ce map for me?

Thanks in advance![/del]

can someone port this halo vehicle into the source engine

I think it’s easier than just giving the map to port from. thanks in advance

Ah, I remember this. Currently I don’t feel like installing a bunch of tools/software, but if you want to, just use the following short tutorial:

  1. Download any Halo CE tag*.
  2. Download and install the GBXModel Importer for 3ds max.
  3. Import the gbxmodel from the tag that you downloaded.
  4. Grab the textures from the .bitmap files by installing Halo Editing Kit(HEK) and using the program Guerrilla, which comes with the HEK.
  • Tag = Any asset used by developers when creating Halo CE maps.

My problem is that I can’t install halo CE so I can’t installl HEK…
I’ll see what I can do. (I think halo2’s mapping software has Guerrilla.)

I’ll do it all in a while.

ive never done this before but ill try. if i succeed ill put it on and post a link here.


i know this sounds lazy, but where do i find the list of tags?

Oh damn, I forgot about this thing. It could have used a little more to make it prettier, but it’s still a sweet ride.

Thanks, I couldn’t get it working…

erm… they should all be in that second download link I gave