Kevin Ryman (Resident Evil: Outbreak)

Last port from Outbreak for awhile.

He’s one of the 8 main characters you can play as in Outbreak files #1 and #2. As much as I’d like to release all 8 at the same time, that’s going to take so much time to release that I decided to just release shit as I come up with it.

Very minimal face posing and very minimal finger posing.

ps. do not google “kevin ryman” without realizing safesearch is off

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oh yeah thanks -Rusty- for the files again we’ll miss you pal R.I.P.

can you upload on mediafire or megaupload PLZ Im a big RE fan and want then all!

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So much win today. Well done!

No thank you.

Ask your parents to buy you Garry’s Mod. $10.00 over a secure, trusted website is worth it.

Fuck yeah! Kevin. Now I can pose him kicking zombies then using his potshot to take them down. His .45 was awesome. Too bad it only held 7 shots.

Looking forward to future Outbreak survivors.

This is great, Cant wait for the other characters. Who is next on your list. Also what happened to Rusty

Ya i want to know too. His profile says he commented 23 hours ago so he isn’t dead unless he died within those 23 hours. Oh and great model!

Is it just me or does he somewhat look like the younger Kevin Flynn or CLU from Tron?

According to Dean(aka a big fat ass), I’ve died twice. Once in an earlier thread and apparently 5 hours ago.

Anyways… poor -Rusty-, he was the greatest mind of his generation.

What a meanie

Nothing of value was lost.

Oh wait I did that joke last time. :v:

Yes! Thank you!

Wow, he has massive shoulders

Still no fucking Cindy. :confused:

You have become my favorite person for model releases. This is awesome. :smiley:


Hell yeah! Cindy: C!

Will she have better face and finger posing or will it be limited like Kevin’s?

Oh, tease. :v:

For what purposes? :v:

Dat face is gonna give me nightmare mang :stuck_out_tongue: