Kevin "Space Invader" Spacey

I know how much you guys wanted him, which is to say very few of you, so I ported him over from his “natural” habitat of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Gmod for all of you kind folk.

Though I wouldn’t have been able to get this done without help from Ninja Nub, as he did the face-posing, fixed the head mesh quite a bit, and made the textures look so much better, so give him a hand of applause too.

Anyway, some pics done by the likes of Ryan, BEAR, A non-FP user who *gleefully *decided to help, and me.[/t]

And finally, now you too can OBTAIN THE SPACEY here. Bongus hair fix if you’re gonna use this in SFM. Workshop link.

If there’s anything I got wrong, or something needs fixing, please let me know.


-forgot to remove this one, I hate you people-


All we need now is John Malkovich, old Private Hudson and Shane.

Thanks for the model, now I can create all my Spacey needs.

i didnt get to make pics fuck

FT Spacey best Spacey


nice edits tfa


looks so much better than

-removing everything I’ve ever posted here-

The iris looks a bit better because of the detail, but the colors are really wonky, at least in that lighting. Eyes don’t have red in them like that unless they’re contacts. The sclera on yours looks really unnatural as well, there’s almost no detail at all it’s just a solid gradient (or a solid color with an AO mask). You should look in to improving your eye shaders as well, they look quite matte overall, and the sclera looks like it’s almost neon white.

-removing everything I’ve ever posted here-

Not to derail the thread but you should stop nit picking his release and calling it a “competition” when it wasn’t one from the start. It’s a little childish, like rating me dumb for stating I like his more. You both released versions of it, it’s been done many times in the past. Stop making a deal out of it

Back on thread,

Great release FT, it’s time to show the true meaning of advanced recycled warfare

You were making it into a competition when you said

Great release FT

My next SFM project can finally come to fruition. Excellent work, dude!

Just a word of warning: I don’t know if this will work in SFM. I don’t port to SFM so I don’t know if i’m missing shit or if it looks broken as fuck in SFM.

tl;dr this was made for gmod not sfm so i dunno if it will work or not.

Considering I did my picture in SFM, it works just fine.

The eyeposing is a bit messed up because the updown slider controls the L/R eye movement, but besides that it’s pretty much what you’d expect, and functions really well.

you kids and your sfm back in my day we didnt have sliders we used the eyeposing tool and god saw that it was good so we all rested