Kevlar dudes and their M4 dildos

Most people with Kevlar are mostly known to be hostile and invincible.
All im saying is that this ruins the gameplay for me to even help test this game.
Its near impossible to find anyone with all that power to be friendly and that it is so difficult to survive without them wasting nice ammo onto naked people wielding rocks.
I hope the devs could gradully concerntrate on the OP kevlar and M4s a bit more and make the experience of rust enjoyable.
This gave me an example of how me and 6 others with fair amount of leather armour and a few m4s and mp5s, were settled within a base when 3 other kevlar dudes had overtaken us all!

I understand what you mean but it also gives the game a challenge. I myself get killed alot by players in kevlar but it doesn’t mean i want the kevlar and m4’s out. Kevlar isn’t invincible, Just harder to kill.

Yea, it seems like a steep curve of power… I’ll agree

what server are you playing on currently? maybe your 6 and my 6+ should ally up. (when the hacking dies off)

Kevlar and m4s just happens to be current meta gear, tbh though 6-7 of you should be able to take on 3 players in Kevlar especially in defending a base unless they got the drop on you by building in and shooting from above but that’s just poor building on your part. Just really depends on how good either side is at aiming and heal spamming lol(which is prob what they were doing as well as thats what almost all players do in extended combat) The op part about Kevlar and M4s are how easy they are to get. Its no fun when the best gear in the game only takes me like 2-3 hours from fresh spawn to get (note that was my first time only takes me like an hour if I am fresh no bps now.) If I have blueprints its only about waiting for furnace to smelt my ore after 10-15 mins of mining.

We’re on the Aus server now we’re seperated. After that I also die around 3 times from kevlar dudes.

Hostile yes, invincible no. Invincible is a ridiculous claim as I’ve had it before and gotten killed due to a persons skill. Like usual, skill will always be a deciding factor in how you decide. I agree with it being hard as a freshie to start a base and I’ve experienced it before, but that’s more or less due to a player’s sociopathic tendency to just be a douche. May I recommend moving away from people and the rad zones altogether for a good start. I don’t believe they should be nerfed, and if so only slightly. As to get that far in the game to get that gear takes skill, patience and time. I play on the Australian server, and theres a legend of Esco and his friend taking on 6 people. It was a 2v6 situation and he still won and that was due to his skill and there will always be people with more skill than you.

I agree that it may suck to die like that early on, but I can’t agree with nerfing what the current gear sets are for this stage of testing. And realistically if I was naked and someone had Kevlar and we both had handguns. I’d have to be batshit crazy to go toe to toe, either that or have some serious lucky and skill to accomplish the taste. Kevlar is designed to protect you from bullets, and it does just what it’s suppose to. I think they could revisit how healing works though. This isn’t an MMO and magic medical kits should (IMO) operate differently. I’d like to see timers in place for food while in combat mode too. If you scarf food during combat you end up with a 15 second (or something) timer that restricts you from jamming food down your throat. And make sure all kits current and future (big or small) are only healing over time, not instant heals. Keep those balances in mind and people will be more strategic and not so gung ho to throw down at anything that moves.

They should boost up the gun costs…

9mm for example should be like 50 metal, and the M4 should be somewhere around 300.

M4 should be 2000, 9mm 500. That way if you lose your gun its gonna hurt

That would be WAYYYYY too expensive…
9mms suck due to recoil. Making them cost 500? I mean, it’s way smaller than a metal door yet it costs 2.5 more metal.

its fine the way it is, i can’t recall how many times i killed people with kevlar when ive been wearing leather. I dont know why people whine so much about kevlar and m4 being op

>dies 3 times > rants about kevlar and m4 being op. you know nothing about pain

I know of their exsistence of near invincibility

The metal door would also be bumped up to 2000

Well do you all think it is too god dam easy to get kevlar and m4s?

Last night i`ve took out group of full kevlar. Me against four. If youre bad, kevlar and m4 aint gonna save you

Its mainly about skill and some luck, its not that hard to take out kevlar… I quite often go out looting and leave me kevlar +m4 behind just take mp5 and leather or shotgun and leather and take out kevlar guys who attack me.

I don’t think Kevlar is over powered but I think that the jump from leather to Kevlar should be less. I think ether buff leather a bit or nerf Kevlar to get a closer jump.

Don’t make things cost MORE metal… that’s backward. Make metal harder to get.

You can kill someone in kevlar with two shots to the head from an M4 or a P250. A shotgun if you get the drop on someone is a one hit kill. Pretty sure two headshots with a pickaxe is a kill as well which is easier to do then you might think (at least if you can close the gap).

When we were running around acting like the police (er hello, that’s what everyone does right…?), one of the naked guys we stopped randomly pulled a shotgun out and one shotted one of us. Can be seen below at the timeframe linked:

Kevlar really isn’t over powered if you’ve got something to shoot back with, but it’s too cheap especially for being “end game” gear. You get to a point where you can make a crap ton of sets and not care. Increasing the cost of kevlar would simply be slapping a bandage on the issue. That issue being metal is too easy to get imo.