Kevlar is over powered

Seriously… the 80% odd resistance the set gives you is just too much.

I was at an airdrop yesterday with full kevlar, by myself (on my own team). As usual, every naked man on the server was there, smashing each others heads in with rocks. Turns out there were about 4 or 5 other mediocre-geared players there with m4’s, shotguns, etc. It was me against them and I came out on top and took everything I could find.

I seriously think that I should not have been able to do that. There is just no chance for the average player to get anything out of those crates, while anyone in kevlar-geared person with a decent shot is there. In any instance, obviously the kevlar assaulter comes out on top. It makes sense, it being the best armor in the game… But it either needs a nerf, or make it extremely harder to obtain. What is it, some odd 200 - 300 metal fragments to make it?

There are exceptions to a lot of situations that I mentioned…

Any thoughts about kevlar being overpowered / solutions?

This is alpha. Balance and fairness are a secondary priority behind actually getting the game built. As a result, there isn’t much effort into that end yet, but it will come.

Remember, Rust is still actively being built. It’s not really a game yet, but a work in progress.

For me its hard to craft (much metal). I never crafted more than 2 kevlar items, i get them all from other kevlar guys (by killing them).

I understand that, you’ve said that on a looot of threads. I was just wondering if anyone agrees, and bringing the topic up, as Garry may not have enough support as it is to actually think about changing something like this

Never said you should die in a fire or anything, and the topic certainly is worth discussing, but keep your expectations grounded in the reality of an alpha. That’s what I try and remind people on the occasional time that I remind people that it’s an alpha.

I would say they werent focusing on you, its not that hard to kill a pvp kitted guy at the drops. Especially if one of them was really close to you with a shotgun.

I would say that’s all the more reason to bring up balance right now. It’s alpha, it’s not done yet, so right now is the best time for them to make changes, versus changing them closer to or after release. Few people would complain if they nerfed kevlar right now. Lots of people would complain if they nerfed kevlar after release.

Just make sure you aim well. One shot to the head and another to the body should take out a person in kevlar. (Using the M4)

aim well and kevlar is nothing, think about positioning and movement. 2 headshots and 1 to the body with the p250 and they’re dead pretty much.