I realize that armor will have to be revamped later, but I was playing Far Cry 3 earlier and the dynamics and look of the Heavy Gunner would be very apropos for those wearing kevlar:

Looks handmade, weight of armor causes slower movement, etc.

As a side note, I wish Facepunch would implement armor - I’m tired of looking like a thug in a hoodie or a terrorist.

tis but a placeholder my son, they are working on more pressing matters besides the fashion statement of the wares in Rust.

Like burlap bags and torches?

Yeah, guns have more priority… I mean how can you compare apple to and orange and say which is more important ? :slight_smile:

You mean this game isnt complete yet? my world has been shattered

…oranges… obviously

military shit being removed, don’t worry bout it.

I would like to have different stuff, like clothes. Hats, jackets, flannels, shorts, pants, shoes.

There is no proof of this.

There’s always DayZ :slight_smile: