Key "base" in gamemode info file doesn't derive from sandbox

Hello everybody! It’s been a loooooong time since I did any Gmod LUA (Last time I did it was still Gmod 12), so I wanted to create a small gamemode to learn the new stuff of Gmod 13. So I created my gamemode .txt info file and set the “base” key to “sandbox” to derive my gamemode from sandbox, but actually, it doesn’t seems to work, because I can’t give the tool gun to any player. For example, when I do “give gmod_tool” in the console, it tells me “Attempted to create unknown entity type gmod_tool!”. I actually don’t understand why it doesn’t derive my gamemode from sandbox, do I still have to use the DeriveGamemode function? Can anybody help me please? Thanks!

You still have to use DeriveGamemode.

Ok Thanks for the information!