Key question (not asking for one)

So i bought rust awhile ago not even knowing theres a browser client you can play with the dev branch and what not, and so i used my key in steam, and i wanted to try to use it to register on the playrust client. So is there no way to play on the browser if i already redeemed my key on steam?

No. The webplayer is dead. Let us not speak of it.

(There are a number of good reasons to use Steam now that the devs have it set, not the least being better performance range, Steam for content delivery and VAC, and Linux support.)

Ahh, yes, the web player. Remember having to download the game every time we wanted to play? Haha, yea, those were the days…the days I wanted to take my PC and throw it out the window…

Ok then nvm haha, didnt know it was bad.