Key system is absolute rubbish

So now the only thing someone needs to do to get into your base (apart from put a weight on their left mouse button and go do something else whilst they rock down your walls) is camp outside your house and just kill you whilst you have your keys on you.

You could go out, lock your door, then throw the key back through the door. But then you cant get back in your house.

You could go out and drop the key somewhere nearby and hope nobody finds it. Still useless if someone is camping you.

Also the fact you cant even see which key is for which door is poorly thought out. What about when your base gets big and you have 10+ doors?

Not to mention the fact you can get stuck in your own base without a key, if its level 6 you’re fucked.

Absolutely no point spending time in the game right now when theres a very good chance you wont wake up in the same house you spent hours making

EDIT: Also whilst on the topic of broken mechanics, its possible to run up walls by holding W and spamming jump.

EDIT: Also animals can clip through anything and hit you from meters away. I think ill just keep editing with bugs, maybe they’ll see this post

I havent played the new version that much but I agree that the key system doesn’t seem like it will work.

Yes it is more realistic, but the cost of ruining the game?

imo the key system makes the game less enjoyable and should be removed

Idiots like yourself need to remember that the new version of the game is still being worked on and has a lot that needs to be done, shit like keys and doors will most likely be changed when the game is actually done. You are the kind of person that turns developers away from early-access with your self entitlement - you pay for the game knowing good and well it isn’t finished but have the audacity to have a bitch at the developer for a stupid thing like keys.

locks and keys are just like wooden doors in legacy…

once the next level of locks is out, no one will be using the key system.

it will be a starter item, just like wooden doors.

Whats with the insults? Why are you so sensitive? Im simply bringing bugs and flaws to the attention of others, would you rather nobody discussed the game at all and nothing got fixed? Am I not entitled to constructively criticise a game I paid money for? Get the fuck out with your whining

Also I wouldnt call keys a ‘stupid’ thing, kind of the whole point of the game is base building so i’d say its a pretty big flaw, you understand what im saying?

There is no point playing the New rust right now.Firstly,Sleeping bags do not work and cause you to lose everything you own.Won’t let you wake up and creates duplicate bodies.And you will lose your keys to your hard earned built Level 6 base.Secondly the Key system.As listed above it’s pretty stupid how it works at the moment and don’t know why they would even add in a system like that.I think you should of just left it like the old rust,No keys just pass codes.So you can get back into your base after death.
I know the new rust is work in progress but this is a few bugs that i have ran into whilst trying to play it.It’s only in early access after all,expect all kind of bugs.

You are not entitled to criticize a game which openly stated wherever possible that it is still in development and should not be treated as and played as a fully finished GOTY release, and criticism usually brings up a point and provides an alternative - not a poll saying ‘Should keys be removed’.

I am entitled to criticize and point out flaws for a game I have purchased in hoping the devs see it and fix the flaws, yes

Also you might wanna read the poll again, it doesnt say that

We are consumers. We have the right to discuss the product we bought. If you dont like it, get out and go hang around with some other nazi buddies of yours

Id rather associate with nazis than idiots like yourself bobo

I dont like either but if garry wants that stuff so it should be like
someone mentioned it before its definetly going to be first tier

So the Second tier could be a Keycard
and the third tier a hand scanner or some stuff

I dont know , let the devs go for it

So instead of presenting a counter argument you go straight for the insults. My name doesnt say bobo either.

You see what you have done to the thread? Instead of actually having a discussion about the problems and maybe coming up with solutions all you do is shit the thread up by being a wannabe moderator. Fuck off.

I don’t really agree. I hoped to share my thoughts so I hope no one takes offense, it’s my first time posting on the forums.

The only way a player could get stuck outside their own building is if that player dropped their key in some far place, died far away, or lost it to another player. There should be risks and consequences for venturing far from your own home to explore a place that might cause your death and not just by players but also the environment. It adds excitement and a sense of accomplishment for success, highlighting on and bringing to the forefront the survival aspect of the game. The idea that players would rather explore carefree by leaving their items at a base, die, and waltz back in the home, doesn’t seem enjoyable, just routine.

Why would a player intentionally place their key within their own structures and then put up a wall? Unless there is a strategy to this, such a player would have to be careless or masochistic to do so. With the implementation of wall upgrades and other new fortifying features to come in the future, why would anyone need to construct such large or elaborate buildings that require layers of doors and walls inside one’s home? Isn’t it a flaw in Legacy Rust that buildings were so insecure it needed to be built in such over-elaborate and time consuming ways? That tells me it needed to be changed.

In addition, we don’t even know if they’re implement other methods to gaining access to bases yet. The keys might add personalized tags to name, label and match your doors. They might upgrade the locks into more advanced systems in a series of tiers, as explained in the devblog, from simple wood barricades, basic locks, and finally advanced number pad systems.

I think it’s way too premature for making such decisions because players aren’t used to these changes in game play. I rather focus on improving functional aspects of the game instead of removing valuable features and concepts that adds a new layer to game play politics and planning entirely, where as before was a mere afterthought.

If your building was recently robbed because you decided to log out of the game for a night, then I would suggest to the developers that walls need to be adjusted to last longer for offline players. That way we don’t have to return too frequently.

I agree that wall jumping needs to be changed, no one should hop on a roof so easily.

I agree that there needs to be a sense of danger and risk when venturing out. But doesnt the PVP element sort that already? No need to complicate it even further by giving someone the keys to the house you just spent hours building

People enjoy being creative and building large and extravagant houses. When you are capable of building cool big structures it seems stupid to then deter people from doing just that by having a crappy key system. And yes I suppose we dont know which direction they’re going with it. Just wanted to voice my opinion that its not good at the moment

I think being able to destroy walls/anything with just melee weapons is dumb. You could get a gang of 5+ people and break into every house without even setting up your own base first or gathering resources for C4 etc

If people dont comment on things they wont have any feedback on whats working and what isnt. Theres nothing wrong with saying the current implimentation of something is bad.

I got a bug where my locks just didnt do anything anymore. i crashed, came back into the game and couldnt open the lock anymore. i had all my keys and there was no change someone could of destroyed the door and put up a new lock. because it was on my second floor inside + i was only gone for like 1 min. any fixes to this? i try’d relogging and didnt work.

True, there needs more tweaking done between the time it takes to gather resources, amounts required, construction time vs the demolition. For large construction, I think the game needs a balance between enthusiast builders (who love making pyramids and towers) and modest house making, but should lean more toward the latter for individual players. I’m not sure if a guy should be able to make a life size pyramid of Giza in 4 hours lol but it definitely needs to be possible in a relatively fair time.

Regarding locks and keys, I’d suggest to the devs some sort of duplication system. A player creates an original lock and key, from this a replica of the original item can be made applied it to other doors. That way you only need 1 key for many doors or make some keys for some doors. You might still have to hold multiple keys, but it should reduce the amount per door drastically and they can be labeled something.

I think the main problem is using the key and lock. It goes like this, clicking door or the lock, clicking lock or unlock, then clicking to open or close, then repeat on the other side. This is an arduous task that I think stresses most players

To address this, there should be a universal button for doors with a UI icon that times the lock and unlock duration depending on the amount of keys you hold. The process goes like this: The player walks to a closed and locked door, presses the button on their keyboard, an icon in the UI appears showing a quick count down of the locking time (like 1 second or 2), the timer completes and an unlocking sound also notifies you. Clicking the button again will repeat this process but the icon shows locking (counting upward?) and makes a locking sound.* This will automatically go through all your keys*. If you hold say 10 keys, then the timer could increase by a bit, like 3-5 seconds, or you can just open your inventory and pick the right one as the alternative way.

I think this way is more convenient process to dealing with multiple items, you don’t have to use up a slot on hotkey as it can be universally configured, alternatively you can hotkey the one of many and shortcut the lock, and the risk of losing the item remains.

I like the key system, it’s been confirmed that it is still it progression and is going to change eventually, But the fact that you would have to have 30 keys in one base and get confused, forget what belonged to what door would never change no matter what. I thing I heard somewhere that you would put up code lock to protect your house and not have to use keys, which is good cause it won’t be that way forever, but
people could just destroy your lock with a lockpick then what? You would always need to hide your keys somewhere in case someone destroyed your upgraded lock and that would be confusing as fuck. You would either need to hide all the keys at some other crate or put all of them in one to not get lost and both ways, you’re fucked over. If someone finds your keys crate, you’re fucked. If you get lost in your house and forget what key fits in what door, then you’re fucked again.

The key thing turns all those naked Rust guys into a janitor with a 10 pound key chain.

One key per door isn’t fun irl, and doesn’t seem like it would be a fun element for a game.

A jingle sound of all those keys added to walking and running would make sense.

I love the key system. The only thing I do not currently like, which is an understandable problem because the game is still being worked on, is how quickly bodies disappear. I was ambushed a lot at my house, and so I only took my front-door key out, which led to an empty room, and used a window on the top-floor to shoot them down.

Problem is, I had ran out of spare keys (I was specifically heading out to get more wood), and needed the key off of that last bandit’s corpse, yet the corpse disappeared about 5 minutes later as I was taking a pickax to my front-door. -.-

Once they fix that, I will have no issues with even the current WIP key system.

Keys aren’t a viable option for multi-door bases, unless they’re on a keychain. Keychains aren’t a viable option for PVP servers, unless you stash them in a bush near your base… in which case your entire base accessibility hangs entirely upon the mild luck of a wandering naked newbie, item-disappearing glitches, or tomorrow’s ESP hacks.

Having a keyless combination lock system would solve the keychain problem and provide a low-tech alternative to a keypad, but it doesn’t solve the problem of having to solve a puzzle for each door in your base. And bases will have to be large and multi-layered if 5 guys can break through any wall with a stone hatchet and 5 minutes with an auto-click macro.

We all want something better, more realistic and more inventive than the magical “I know it’s you, please come in” shared doors of Legacy. But every option I’ve seen proposed so far has a hefty price in terms of time, frustration, security and functionality.