Somebody can give me 1 beta key to rust?? plz i want to play this game so much

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, don't make threads about keys" - postal))

>incoming hate from gods of facepunch

Just stop.
Enjoy being banned.

I love this part of the forum, so many people going nuts over this game.

Gee I wonder, we should sticky a rust key thread that’s been closed and the OP banned to show the damage that will be done to future offenders.

I doubt that would work

Title it “Free rust key :)”

Half of the front page of the Rust subforum was locked threads with titles like “can I get a key”. And still, more threads appeared.

horribly simple solution:
to make a thread you need X posts. easy as nothing :slight_smile:

Ban this figger nucker

(User was permabanned for this post ("Alt of permabanned user" - verynicelady))

I wonder, inside the cyber world, what it looks like to see the ban hammer drop. Is it thor with his face covered with an admins name and just see him beat the shit out of you with his hammer? Tell me how it goes.

can mods lock and ban…surprised this is still up O_O