Keybind bug, and suggestions...

I tried multiple times to map crouch to my mouse3 button, as soon as I do it crashes the game. I would also like to be able to re-map the hotbar buttons, as I prefer to use the number pad as opposed to the number keys up top. We also really need a autorun button. I am loving the game so far, keep up the great work. Thanks!

i have problem to : /

defaut use is E or mouse 3 (button scroll), i cant rebind in other key
always if i want rebind V (for vocal) game crash

i need play : arrowkey for move, right shift for jump, right ctrl for couch, nextpage for run, End for use, Supr for inventory, mouse 3 for reload, and when game is a .exe mouse4/5 for other (lamp, laser, or other).

but actualy i cant use all, use is block on E or mouse 3 (i cant rebind in End), when i reload, game Use; i cant rebind &é"’( on numpad, cant use mouse4/5 (ok its because game is in firefox).

The game is an Alpha, but i think is no hard for dev’s to made a good menu for control ^^

Ps : i think, ctrl + clic is a good idea for equip fast armory or take loot in the fastbar, or take item in anything is possible (fire, box, etc) into inventory, or other ^^

i know your french but how do you play not using WSAD

For some reason my mouse button 3 is one of two buttons on the side, so I guess when I try to remap it it’s conflicting with what it thinks MB3 is…

MB3 is typically for web browsers the page back button, and that’s why it’s crashing your game.

yeah, I was able to use MB4. Once they move the game over to a launcher instead of running through a browser I’m sure this won’t be an issue and should allow for more options in the setup menu.

Because i had learn to play with keyarrow with duke3d at 9years old ^^ Now i am 29, i cant change ^^