Keybind for Chat??

HEy Guys.

How can i change the keybind for Chat?
Atm is no Key binded for chat.
What can i do now?


Rebind it in the in-game options perhaps?

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I cant. It is Closed or Locked. There are some other ways 2 do it?

Try putting this inside your config file without the " marks.

“input.bind Chat Return None”

I ran into this issue also, it worked when I changed the size of my windowed mode of the screen. Like click the minimize/maximize button then try to bind it. This also worked for someone else I know. Odd

Have you tried what I proposed?

No cause what I did worked

Open config file in rust folder in notepad and where it says "“input.bind Chat Return None”, insert where it says “None” to “Return” and save the config file.

Your chat key is now the Enter key.

Is there a Config or seomthing where i can change the keybind? It is still Locked in my game…

C:\Program files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Rust\Rust.cfg or something like that, there should be a config file in there somewhere.

I just told you like 5 posts up…:rolleyes: