Keyblade weapon?

I remember a Keyblade weapon in Toybox in Gmod 12, but now I can’t use it and I don’t know who the creator is. Could someone make a Keyblade weapon addon or find the creator of it to port it?

Find the original addon and put a request in this thread.

The thing is, it isn’t on, and I think the toybox website is down.

Then there’s no way to get it. Toybox is gone forever.

Well. You can get it back but downloading a torrent of ~32gb isn’t worth it I think.

But will it work with Gmod 13 or will I need someone to port it?
EDIT: there doesn’t seem to be any models in there. I don’t think this weapon is even there.

If the weapon was more than just a model and used Lua at all, it’s probably outdated.