Keybladebearer's DoD:S Hex Pack

Keybladebearer’s DoD:S Hex Pack

Around 48 models.
Enhanced Citizen Physics.
Most models have a bodygroup for the helmet
Five Finger Finger Posing


Models: Valve and Wile E. Coyote for the Fallschirmjäger models
Textures: People on Gamebanana, I’d love to give them all credit, but I’m too much of a lazy fuck to go look for names again
Hexing: Me


Report Problems and whatever

I can’t download it

Direct Link added

these look geat! good job!

These are nice.
Also airborne, I now officially love you.

The broken phong exponent/normalmap here is very sloppy.

I didn’t fuck with the textures at all. I just hexed them, if YOU want to, go ahead and fix it, but I don’t know how.

Jesus, you’re the best.

Always nice to have more WW2 models, thanks.

Finally I have been waiting for a DoD:S Hex Pack

Didn’t realize this would be so popular, if there’s a skin for DoD:S or CS:S you want hexed, post it here and I’ll see what I can do.

As nice as this is, it’s just hexing. Sure, it’s useful because you did a fuckton of them (thanks for this btw), but you should really do something else about them as well. Like Lt_c said, do some work on those textures.

I would if I knew how.

There’s no need to be mean about it, or accuse me of anything.

I mean obviously it looks bad; you should take some time to improve what you’re working with instead of passing the blame down the chain of command. It comes down to fooling with a few lines of code in the vmt files and some “guess and check” work to fix it, no image editor needed.

Oh, I wasn’t meaning for any mean intent in that at all, I know it looks bad, I wasn’t attempting to blame anyone for it…

didn’t jenkins already do this
and he did it more properly iirc

That was taggart and wynsten, I just copy pasted stuff.