Keyboard Not Working on 2012 Mac Book Pro

Rust launches just fine and it is possible to navigate into servers and even wake up using the mouse, but the entire keyboard including the F1 key to open the console is not working. I tried reinstalling the game and restarting the computer. Any other ideas?

The computer being used is a 2012 Mac Book Pro.

Can you rebind the keys in the launch window?

No issues with the keybindings in the launch windows. They are all bound, I think the keyboard is not initializing in game for some reason.

I would ask this on Rust reddit. Lot more Mac users post on that forum than here.

search keyboard in spotlight, hit F keys function as normal and your good. It’s a mac thing.

My question to you is what OS are you running?

I have a MacBook Pro 2012 as well, I do have to use FN+F1 to get the consul open, but as Shoshin said you can change that in the settings.

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