Keyboard, the map

Have you ever thought “Gee, the one thing I don’t have in Garry’s mod is a human-sized keyboard built into the map”?

Well, now’s your chance.

Get my WIP here:


Thoughts? suggestions?

Map has so far:
–Shit lighting (what are some good settings for the default Gmod skybox?)
–2 keyboards, 1 large one, spanning 2 octaves from C3 to C5, the other, half-scale and spanning only C4 to C5.
–No final brushwork; ideas for how to frame these? was thinking maybe a _rats-style 3d skybox recording studio?

It’s pretty quiet.

now there needs to be a giant computer keyboard with a computer screen and when you shoot a key it types on it

I was expecting a giant keyboard.

ye me to

It seems quiet because the camera is far away from the source; it’s very loud if you stand too close to the ambient_generic’s at the keyboard itself.

Add some way of swapping keyboard sounds and I’m sold.


Also, do the key sound when something puts weight on them or when something is in the area above them?

Could be nice for a rats map :slight_smile:

Area above; I “could” do it with weight, I have an idea in my mind how, but it seems tedious and buggy.

Also, swapping out the sounds isn’t “easy”, but it could be made easier if I distributed it with the sounds un-pakratted.

You could do it with a case switch, where you increase/decrease a integer with a switch, where then the sounds make a call to the switch to see what number it is, and play the sound accordingly.

Don’t do it with weight, it’s easier to make chords with a “g-spot”. Example: parenting two soda cans to yourself and hopping around.

You should also include a computer keyboard w/ monitor, and a mouse as a large physics object. :smiley:

Quite a simple concept, but also original. More instruments would give this map much more playability, so please consider it.

Also, for the lighting, look at the Sky List on the Valve Developer Wiki.

It tells you the settings for light for specific skyboxes used by Valve in all of their games.

Looks pretty cool.