Keyframe Animations not animating?

I have made a completely custom model using 3DS max. I exported still SMDs (*_ref, *_idle, _collide) and the sequence SMDs (_buttonpress, *_tubeflow) I animated with keyframes and manipulating vertices.

In hammer, the sequences “idle” “buttonpress” and “tubeflow” appear in the drop down list, and yet selecting them does nothing. What part of compiling my model am I missing?

I would really appreciate any comments you guys can offer. I’m going to bed now since I’ve been working on this thing for 8 hours (oops?) and it is nearly 7am where I live. I will read any posts when I wake up.

Keyframes work for flexes only as far as I know. Sequences must use bones.

This man is correct. All source models are animated by skeletons.

I just learned a hell of a lot about skeletal rigging and weighing vertices. All’s well.