Keylocks operations not visible


So I logged in to check on our house.
I noticed I could no longer opened the doors I had keys to in my pocket.

First I thought I was griefed. Turned out the house was not raided.
When I relogged, I noticed I had REALLY opened the main door, and some stranger was trying to get inside.
The door had a green lock on relogging, but remained locked (red) when I was first ingame.

I shot the stranger and quickly closed the main door that HE had opened. I could open/close but after trying to lock the door, I could no longer operate it.
After relogging once more I noticed it was locked (red). So I locked the door, but after ONE try it turned red and I didnt see it. It stayed green and wouldnt open anymore for me.

So TL; DR - I Cannot see the lock operations on my doors anymore. I have the keys. The doors seem to work fine for other players, but I cannot see what I do to a door, nor can I pass through it once I tried to use the lock (even when open).

Strange bug, after the “cannot wake / stand up” bug happened to me before this…

I’ve had the same thing happen to a door. I can change the state from locked to unlocked, however the change doesn’t take place until i log out and back in.

Not sure what actually caused this to glitch, since the door was fully upgraded and working fine at one point. Hence it was not the glitch caused by upgrading a locked door


I have had the upgrade door problem also (like everyone).
I worked around it by opening the door while upgrading, leaving it opening and closing again upon levelling.

This other problem is something that happened to a Tier 6 fully upgraded door though.