Keypad 1.4 Secure Cracker

Ever wanted to get into an enemy base but the old keypad cracker did not work? well now you can with the new and updated keypad cracker, just choose your victim wait outside his base for him to stroll along and enter his code and BAM it magically tells you what code he entered, and only if correct.



Hmm nice one. I guess Keypad 1.5 Secure will be forced to have random key positions that are not networked, but that would only stop part of it.

Or a version that doesn’t show you at all what other players are pressing. Lame but fully secure.

Thanks, I’m going to hack players keypads.

You forgot that now you can type out the code with numpad too.

Nice SekCobra.

Aww, now I can’t charge people for mine anymore :frowning:

How the hell is COBRAa SekCobra?

Useful trinket.

Music was shite, though :sigh:.


It only work half the time for me. Itll say getdemcodes hook tried to use a nill value… How do I reload the script? Or can you try to solve this?

[lua]hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “getdemcodes”, function()
for k,kp in pairs( ents.FindByClass(“sent_keypa*”) ) do
if kp != nil then[/lua]

With an end before the end) at the end.

Hook ‘getdemcodes’ Failed: lua\includes\extensions\string.lua:139: bad argument #1 to ‘sub’ (string expected, got nil)

Thats the exact error im getting sorry it took me awhile to restart gmod lol.

wow this is pretty awesome, good work.

Do you know what’s causing the error, in game when you look at something or ??

it happens usually when somone enters their keypad code.Itll happen randomly too like the hack will work for like a minute then itll get that error an stop working.

What version did the server have for keypad?

It had version 1.4…Also Ive noticed alot of time that it gets the wrong number…Like 2 instead of 1 or 3.

Probably needs another update.

That’s because they enter the code to fast, can be fixed wither with better use detection (I can only see this happen via a module) or by storing the players last trace and using that rather than the current one but other than that I don’t see any better way of improving it unless any of you know how to check if a client is pressing use via lua.

I’ve fixed this by wrapping whole hook into pcall(function() … end)