Keypad Cracker

I’m a little curious now…

Is it possible or not to crack a Keypad 1.4…

I know Overv did it. But how the f*** does he do it?

You answered your first question your self

He is magic.

Because Overv is winmagic

Keylogging i belive.

Judging by this tool, it would take a few seconds to crack a 4 digit code.

Except you can’t try 500,000 passwords per second, client -> server -> client communication would limit you to approx 2-5 passwords per second.

Keypad sniffing can be done quite easily with Expression 2 though, only waiting you’ll have to do is for the victim to approach his keypad and enter his code.

Deruu just explained one method of ‘cracking’ the keypad, and that is checking another client’s positioning and angles while they are pressing the buttons to determine which buttons they pressed. Most likely this is what Overv did, too.

Or use any spectator mode and see what they press.

Do you mean like this?