Keypad Help (Weird server error)

Hey facepunch, i wouldn’t be making this post if i wasn’t at my wits end with this error.
Ever since i installed keypads ( i’ve had problems with them.
Randomly they will stop working for players. Some players have this almost all the time, some get it rarely, but they simply don’t work and they spit these errors out in the client’s console when the client tries to use the keypad (presses enter on it):
FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: +gm_special
FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: -gm_special

Additionally, randomly the keypads won’t even spawn correctly for players. They spawn as world props rather than the player’s prop and won’t weld and won’t work at all. No errors.

I’ve tried re installing them and even installing an updated version of them. When installing the updated version the second problem happens all the time so i can’t even tell if it runs into the first problem.
I’ve looked to the far ends of google for these errors and found nothing, additionally i have searched all over facepunch.
Any help at all with these would be very much appreciated.

The 1-day-with-no-response bump

Facepunch you’re my only hope


I thought Keypads came with Wiremod?

This tool is standalone i’m pretty sure, shouldn’t require wiremod.

No, as in, my Keypad, both wiremod version and numpad version, came with the Wire Extras Pack.

Bump. Still running into this issue. Can anyone help?