Keypad Problem

Earlier today my keypad was working fine until some guy prop spammed and make me lose connection to the server and when I get back and remake the door I was making with keypad and finished it the keypad wouldn’t open the door. I said access approved or whatever, but the door didn’t open so I thought it was a problem with the door and I tried using a button to open it and that worked.

The keypad won’t work in any servers I go to now, but it does work in single player.

Any solutions?

I think this is a common glitch, like when you suddenly hear a burning sound and it won’t stop.
Just work your way around it.

Restart your gmod. works for me but thats weird for you on all servers… try installing keypad or cheat and do what i do, use a wire keypad, there unhackable :smiley: you need a numpad output and a keypad (duh)