Keypad (STool)

This was inspired by this thread.

This is a Keypad that triggers a numpad press or outputs numbers for the wire addon. If the input is wrong it triggers one keypress and if it’s right it triggers another. This includes 3 STools, normal, advanced (pic) and wire version. The wire version is under the “Wire” menu.
You simply go forward to the numpad and use E to press the number keys.
There is also a secure mode that turns your numbers into stars (*) so nobody can read what you’re typing.
Just drop in addons folder and unpack!

Picture showing the advanced mode and the keypad:

Special Thanks:
BlackNecro - Beta testing/Ideas
TechedRonan - Beta testing
VetarN - Beta testing
Modder - Main idea


OLD DOWNLOADS (Not compatible with GMod 13)


(Over 500 000 downloads!)

v1.2 (Over 5000 downloads!)



Please post bugs, comments and suggestions!

Nice and useful!

I was just looking at this in the other thread, gold star!

looks cool you got my download

I’m downloading already, and I didn’t even read what you said.

awesome! this is Just what I needed

Extremely useful. Will work well with anti noclip, and door tool. Could you possibly host this on I can’t download it from the current link. Thanks.

Updated with!

Haha, thanks. Woot!

This is great for forts. Thanks.:slight_smile:


Mumbles: Now I gotta script the key-cracker…

Yay!! Awesome!!

You can’t. Because the password is stored server side. :wink:

Where is my beta test credit?:v: Whatever nices stool.

Thanks for making this and looks like its gonna be a hit!

I seen you post the keypad in some other thread this morning.

Ah yes, let me make the special thanks list… :smiley:

Just put this in addons right?


Wow, nice looking stool. Could use a bit better of a model, but the one given by HL2 ain’t the best and whatnot. Still, good script!