Keys are now for sale, discuss it HERE.

You can now buy keys here:

Before you freak out at the price - watch the buy button for a couple of seconds. You will notice that the price is dropping.

You can read more about what a Dutch Auction is, and how it works, here:

What have you done. This will attract more of that one kind of people which I really don’t want to see to Facepunch.


sounds interesting

Does this mean gold members will come back?

$3,700 from 100 keys? I think garry may have found a cash cow

now i expect threads like “can someone buy me a key plz my mom didnt let me buy the game”

will we see a repeat of monkey_123

its definitely going to happen. but then rust has got more and better beta testers and not just little 10 year olds that play the game for 10 mins and then quit it

Please, do share.

He brought gold member for like $1000 on his Mum’s credit card and had to get his Mum to contact Garry to stop the transaction.

Garry are you going to fill a pool with money?

Very clever.

Dutch Auction is one of the most genius ways of selling online content i have seen

I WAIT FOR 0 :smiley:

You won’t get it.

Impossible. Also the lowest it can go is like $0.50 before resetting.

It never reaches 0.

Absolutely Brilliant! How much do you value a Rust Key before you buy it?

Timezones make this kind of biased though - who would stay up till 5 in the morning to get a rust key for 10 bucks instead of 100?