Keys + Locks = Broken Game

Having to create multiple keys and hide them around as a scavenger hunt is entirely too cumbersome and not worthwhile especially when boxes can be easily seen and there are very few camouflage options.
If you die and go back to your base, you cannot re-enter it despite having build authorization. Building authorization SHOULD OVERRIDE the key+lock system.
Currently, without keys, you must break into your OWN BASE in order to access it. However, getting back into your own base doesn’t even solve the issue.
YOU CANNOT CREATE NEW KEYS FROM WITHIN THE BUILDING! It doesn’t give you the option to create a new key from the lock inside the building.
You will be trapped inside your own base until you find a way to break out of it.
Key+Lock system needs to be overhauled completely as it currently is a game ender.
No casual or hardcore player wants to spend 50-100 hours building a base only to have it taken AWAY BY THE GAME MECHANICS and forced to start from scratch again.
The spawn rate of code locks is abysmal. The blueprint RNG is even worse.

The following things need to happen:

  1. Building Authorization should override door locks.
  2. Keys should be able to be crafted from either inside/outside the door via the lock as long as building authorization is allowed.

Please, do not comment about realism, as there are so many aspects of this game that go beyond realism is quite hilarious how that could even be used as a defense.

Noone really uses keys, they are useless.

Remove keys, add codelock as default blueprint = win.


everytime after an Bp wipe there is a time where you dont have codelocks, such horrible times …

True, but even then i (and all of my friends and many others) don’t use keys - its same level of security as don’t having doors. :smiley:

Key locks aren’t nearly as annoying as you’re making them out to be. First off, you’d have to be incredibly stupid to go out into the world holding your ONE AND ONLY KEY. Make some extras man, put them inside your base. Secondly, stop relying on only one keylock. Make two doors, keylock both of them. Take your outter door key with you on adventures and leave your inner door key safe. When you come back to base get inside your first door and suicide. Now you can walk out through your inner door to pick up your stuff.

They’re annoying sure, but you’re using them completely wrong.

I think that’s probably a poor use of the “kill” command as well. Bit of an exploit don’t you think

I never start building until I manage a code-lock blueprint. :stuck_out_tongue: But even then, I still use keys locks. But only within the inner sanctums of my base, with the key(s) hidden with chests behind code-locked doors.

Currently, things are hard. I don’t like hard, so I propose we make it easier. Easier = less effort = more fun, right?

Someone took my keys while I was sleeping, my body was clipping through the wall and therefore they were able to loot me!

Be careful!

I’ve looted at least 3 people who had parts of their body stick through the wall.

Enjoy and stop crying

They don’t really break the game, but they are extremely annoying to work with. As with some of the posters above, I don’t even bother building a base until I find a codelock bp because I’m too lazy to work with them.

How is a command that everyone uses every single day an exploit? Replace /kill with repeated explosions to feet or long ass starvation period if it makes you feel cleaner, the strategy is still good.

not to self promote, but any of these ideas would make keys a little more bearable: