keys not working?

Must of been a patch today? no keys are working and im not dead so probably wasnt raided.

oh and to lock and unlock doors i have to select the option, then reconnect and they open/close…

and i cant put down new building pieces…

and it crashes in windows mode

Lots of us are getting this mate. stand strong and don’t Rust until this is resolved!

the locks etc still work… but they will be green… i tryed it… with locking and closing it. of i clock on lock and its not openening that its locked. even if its still green.

placed new doors / locks seems to work fine on that

ok this will solve it for now

1,unlock door once
2, hit the door with axe a couple of times
3, if the lock does not turn green hit it with the hammer a couple of times
4, wash repeat to lock again