Keys sell so fast.

I just woke up, to quickly try buy a key. Aiming for $40, I find that the keys had already been sold out, within the reach of $50-40. So why are people so confident in paying so much money for a game that is in the alpha state and that its not a AAA game.

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Not everyone is simply buying the game -just- to play it. Others wish to support the developers, getting the game on the side. Ive seen some keys drop around 120 bucks.

I’m banking on that being less of wanting to support the deveopers, and more that they are desperate as hell.

Bit of column A, bit of column B. XD

The game is obviously worth around $50 if that is when the keys all sell out. Remember with a dutch auction the community picks the price.

Not being a dick… some people just don’t think that much about $50. Or the $120. Supporting and maybe making a contribution to what you think could be a great game will also draw some. We’re just in a day and age where it is acceptable to get involved in some games as they develop… and you get a copy of the final when it’s done.

Heck, I’ve already spent enough time playing it in its current state to justify the cost especially when you’re getting a final version.

You say that, you have no idea the devs might have programme running when key drops bellow certain price buy all out so this way you always run out of keys… Have you ever figured dutch sale out? There are 100 keys per day that would mean we should see increase of at least half of people that buy those per day on servers do we see that increase? NO. This is just clever way of ensuring keys sell at high price!

the people who just bought the game will be excited and then think that they got scammed cause rust is unplayable at the moment due to n-steppers and duping

If people are thinking that then they really should have waited before buying and testing the game out as it stands and subsequently develops.

It is ultimately, looking at its direction, worth the money thus far.