Keys Sticking

So I have had Gmod for over a year, and have gotten this new problem ever since i re-installed it on my computer…

Whenever i hold down a button on the keyboard for any period of time, it will stay held down and cause everything else to stop working for the period it stays held down.

I probably didnt explain it well, but an example: hold W to move straight for a few seconds, ill let go and the game will keep moving forward and no other buttons will work until it stops moving forward.

It happens with all buttons, causing things like the Q menu being inaccessible. If i hold Q, the menu will come up regularly for a second, then everything will freeze for a period of time depending on how long i held the button before letting go.

I have filter keys/sticky keys off so that’s ruled out.


  • Processor = Intel Celeron 2.53 ghz
  • RAM = 2038mb
  • Graphics Card = GeForce 6200
  • Operating System = Windows XP

Any help would be greatly appreciated


…Bump… and it only happens on multiplayer, singleplayer is fine