So my friend and I recently started playing rust again (experimental) and this new key system really sucks. I know its experimental etc and I’ve heard rumors of a progression system. This key system though is just awful, especially with friends. Are there any details about what their long term plans are for this door locking system? Where are they going with this, because as it stands right now its really inconvenient having to make back up keys and carry keys all over the place and getting locked into your own house or locked out. I’m not to worried about this in the long term i have faith they will figure out a good system. I’m just wondering since i’ve been away from rust for a quite some time if they already have some information on the future of this locking system. This isn’t mean to be a complain/whine thread just looking for more information.

I’m pretty sure the plan is to eventually have many different levels of locks that scale up. Keys are just the first iteration of locks. I’d compare it to a wooden door or a shack in legacy, you just build one to give you a bit of early defense, then you upgrade to a metal door as soon as you can.

Well i was thinking the same thing, but it almost seems like a waste of time and function. Just like in legacy Rust people just went straight for metal doors. Wood doors were just a waste of time and got completely skipped over usually. If the key system is a small stepping stone I would see it being bypassed completely and the only people who would use it would be new players who will pay the price of having a worthless key lock system and likely die right outside their home allowing players to then raid it.