keytoggle macros - allowed or no?

So here’s my story (just skip it if you’re in a hurry)
I’ve got this old school keyboard that seems to be a PS/2 board modded with USB.
It’s big as hell, noisy as fuck, and you can’t see the numlock/capslock/scroll lock indicator’s without bending over it due to the buttons,
But I love it. It’s robust (it’s outlived more than 10 USB keyboards so far, some of which was supposed to be “resistant to gaming”), and it makes that lovely click that annoys the crap out of anyone in the same neighborhood as me, except me.

Problem is, when I use modifier keys (ctrl, shift etc), my system only registers one additional key, so crawling and moving diagonally is impossible since there’s no toggle mode for crouch.

So what I’m asking is, would utilizing macros to toggle the state of Ctrl and Shift (specifically using autohotkey, which would trigger the LLKHF_INJECTED flag for any keys passed) be considered cheating?

on old rust yes, new rust no. ( AFAIK)

Autohotkey shouldn’t have an issue with VAC, since it’s not injecting into the exe in any way. Not sure about EAC though.