Keyvalues for non-ownable doors?

Is there a keyvalue for darkrp that will allow me to make doors unownable? If not is there any other way to make some doors unownable by default? (such as scripts)

Ownable doors are configured by LUA.

Just having the darkrp mod enabled makes doors ownable.

Google it.

I know that darkrp makes doors ownable, but is there any way to make doors already not ownable when the map spawns

And I tried google, didnt help

No. Ownable doors are configured by LUA.

You sir, are wrong. It is VERY easy to make a door unownable. Just disable use opens and replace it with thuch opens. Done :smiley:

No, you are wrong.
What you do: You start up your DARKRP as admin, you go up to the door. And you go into the R menu in your keys or whatever it is and set it as “unownable”

So. You can’t do it with lua

Protip: that’s doing it with Lua.

am lol

And OP, you face a door as a superadmin+, hit f2 and hit disallow ownership.

Thankyou, you just brightened up my day good sir.

Just because they cant be opened by using them doesnt mean that people cant lock them, thats the problem. I dont want people locking all of the elevators and doors…

Gmod Specifc Keyvalues

gmod_allowphysgun “0”
gmod_allowtools “none”

This has nothing to do with what hes asking. Read the thread.

The only way I’ve seen doors become ownable in gmod is if a physgun or toolgun touches it. Adding the keyvalues will make the doors belong to no one in relation to gmod. I did read the thread and presumed he’s decompiling it to do something like this to stop people removing/freezing doors.

I’m not a RP user so don’t know of any other odd methods that they “own” map items.

Well that is only for some admin mods.

That’s a prop protection thing. I think he meant that he wanted no one to be able to lock/unlock/change the text on the door with the key SWEP that comes with DarkRP.

That is exactly what I want

Did I not make myself clear that I wanted to make doors unownable without having to run around each time the map spawns and disallowing ownership?

It’s not possible, answer; answered.