KFC German server RAIDED!

Hey players from the german server i think u know KFC and mostly hate them so we do and decide to raid them with over 20 guys idk how much exactly but we were much and we got it on Video


Hope u like it :smiley:

PS:they combat logged like kiddies and heres a pic from the teamspeak (the guys at the top were involved too)

I love you and your guys :`)

Yeah we are great.

I am a Post :smiley:

Haha they shouldn’t have called everyone out on the forum and threatened us lol

Because u guys talk about the german server, is the server down? or just for me?
Does anybody know whats going on?

yeah it’s down dude - not sure whats going on

Did you wall it off???

Hope KFC will like their new base :slight_smile:

No because we were at it then the server was down

I think they will think twice about showing people their base next time :slight_smile:

I thought it was about fast food.

Wait, so you guys greifed these guys huge ass house because they were showing off there hard work ?

Us too - all we wanted was some finger lickin gud chicken. We were greatly disappointed and took our anger out on the employees.

nope because combat logging some of them and thats the worst so face a raid and try to survive or combat logg which mostyly end up with a griefed house

They were griefed because they continuously taunted us to find their loot room. When we found it, we placed C4, we were about to get in, and they combat logged. Apparently the punishment for combat loggers is griefing.

They were bragging about it here, http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1316390

I smell drama

They also grief others as well… They got tired of me killing them in gunfights so they waited for me to log out to get into my base. Log on, then see a bunch of em typing “hope you like your new base :)” then find out all my stair cases are replaced with ceilings.

Well you guys sound like you had your reasons, we probably would of had done the same. But still hopeing for a anti greif system :slight_smile:

They got theres it seems.