this map is my latest beta, i dont care for the graphics beta because, well I think it’s not possible. Anyhow, this map is located here

any bugs can be told here, and suggestions are welcome.

i’ll be earnest here; it looks really blocky and the lighting is pretty boring. you’re going to need a lot of custom models and textures before this can look up to par with a real KFC joint.


I really think this needs a redo. It just looks so blocky…

the lights need sources as well

Wait, there’s a Minecraft to .bsp map converter?

oh god what the fuck

kfc map what the fuck

To be fair, the map looks more inviting than the actual kfc.

I recommend taking some time to learn the basics of a modelling program, to the point where you can confidently get a model into Source. Once you have that down, then use this map like a canvas to work on. Make a few basic assets, small things like chicken buckets. Move on to some more vital assets like chairs, those little stools, perhaps even a booth.
The quality of the models will probably be low at first, but once you have your base assets covered, go back and revise them once or twice (mainly for getting some confidence and generally improving) and then move on to more important details, like your signs, the oversized chicken bucket, deep fryers and the actual food itself.

Remember that it’s the little things that make all the difference to the atmosphere. Sure a stock HL2 light fitting might look ok, but they also appear run down, so a simple custom light fitting would probably be much more appropriate.
Fast food stores are also quite bright and well lit. Try changing the falloff settings of the lights to make it more gradual. This helps fill the room with more ambient light without requiring more light entities. My most common way to do this is to change the quadratic falloff component to 0 and change linear falloff to 1. This may mean you need to lower the overall brightness of the light entity because suddenly its light travels further, but that’s an easy thing to tweak.

Those are just a few things to think about. Don’t give up working on the map. Even if you never release it, working on small details and learning to make custom assets will always be beneficial to your overall mapping ability.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=130402 is a fixed version, i will still need custom models to fix those blocky “things” in the room

You should use pakrat to pack the textures you use inside the bsp or just include them in the zip like what you did with the other textures. It’s not good to ask people to download an entire texture pack just for one map.

The roof and the lighting inside is better but you still don’t have any light sources. There’s also plenty of good chair and table models. Why did you have to make them out of brushes?
I think that big block thing on top of the roof is unnecessary because you already have the kfc sign outside.


As been repeated many times, everything is very blocky. So maybe just do some simple curves around the edges of the furniture and tables. That kitchen is so empty. Kitchens in fast food places tend to have only a few area’s to walk as the rest of the kitchen is covered with all sorts of cooking stations and etc. The walls are very bare, maybe hang pictures and lamps for the light sources. And really the last thing I can recommend is, everything is made of tiles, it’s a big eyesore. Maybe change the wall texture entirely and add some crown or shoe molding, and lower the scale of the ceiling texture so the tiles are smaller. BUT if you do that, add banisters and “support” beams, etc. just to liven the place up a little. Hope any of this helps.

Oh yeah and fix the massive stretching on the menu board. Break it up into different segments;


I am going to add a GIANT world change in the official version of V3, might no be released for a while.

will have a zombie survival version
more features
remove sign on roof

how to make models without buying programs?

There are plently of free modellers out there. Try looking around.

No. That’s converting brushwork to a model. It’s not at all what he needs to improve himself.
Propper should be used only as optimisation.

Well, he asked how to MAKE models. This, in technicality, is a model-maker. It creates models from brushes.

I dunno, I used it to make some candles, which came out pretty nice. Since Ep2 doesn’t have anything of the sort… It’s just like 3DS max only you make with brushes and displacements. Propper, allows you to have greater detail in fact.

What? I’m pretty sure you would get a lot better detail with an actual modelling program