[KG]HL2RP - Serious Roleplaying

Welcome to City 18, the worst city to live in on the planet, however, I think you’ll be able to adapt.

You open your eyes to see a dirty apartment floor.

“W-where am I?”

You’re on KG’s HL2RP Server, you we’re taken in by one of ours after you were beat by a Civil Protection Unit. That’s where you are at.

KG is one of the very few serious roleplaying servers you see in the world today, with a great, Non-laggy, server running on Cakescript, you’ll be sure to have a great roleplay experience while in City 18!

Our Civil Protection go under up to two months of training before they are allowed on the force, so you’ll be sure that you won’t be bossed around, or have a mingey CP, like half the servers you see out there.

Rebels? Yeah, what HL2 RP doesn’t have them? We don’t just let anyone become a rebel, we screen you before we take you in, that’s a long process too…

So what seperates us from TnB, or those other servers? One thing, no elitism, we have an active roleplay community that will roleplay with you no matter what group you’re a part of.

KG is, and will always be, the most serious roleplay server around.

Server Info:
hostname: [KG] # 1 HL2RP|Serious RP|
ip :
map : rp_c18_v1

Website: http://keygaming.dth-host.net/forums/index.php

See you there!

Ummm, if this is IRP, why would you announce this, if your server is shutting down?

I sense fail. Screening for a rebel would be bad. A rebel would roleplay properly like making a Metal pole into a weapon. The weapon doesn’t need to be scripted, Just Roleplayed.

If it’s shutting down why did you post this?

I said IRP was shutting down, we’re just moving to HL2RP for a while so we can code a few things for a different style of RP.


Where did I say it would be scripted?

Screening rebels is possibly one of the dumbest ideas, you are essentially trying to be TnB that way. Just let people RP their way into the rebel factions, if they can RP their way in well enough, then they damn deserve it, even if they are new.

I guess i’ll take up the discreen for rebels, although I could see some problems with people not knowing the background of it.

I’d like to run a fun event, but no one’s joined since i’ve been on, mind coming on :D?

Very Nice server im Enjoying it greatly and yes I will hop on for your event : D

Only thing we lack is population, when we do get more people on, it ends up to be minges that I am forced to kick/ban.

Well for some reason after I put in a Name and hit “Apply” nothing really happens.

Maybe you just fail? lol jk idk never happend to me…

You’ve got to select a model first.


Alright, you can apply on the Forums for Civil protection trainee status, if accepted there you’ll go through brief training before actually getting Civil Protection flags.

I really hope this isn’t the server that has DeathDarth on it. A rebel scientist over here with a handgun is RPing every shot and letting a Combine trainiee react to each one, and then here comes DD, /me’s starting a firefight, and he headshots every citizen and rebel in the area before we can react.

First of all wtf is a Deathdart?


also keys your forums be down : ( for me at least.

It’s up, just running slowly at the moment.


Hey ya’ll, I know theres an edit, but I’m terrible at using it xD.

Anyways, we’ll be upgrading our server to 30 slots and then running a “Welcome to City 18” event, new players will be able to apply for Civil Protection Trainee Status as well as joining the Rebel Crew, if you can find them. We’ll be hosting some other fun events as well, so kick back, and the new server IP will be on the way.


Uploading the new C18 map and using Steam update on the new 30 slot :D, it’ll be up shortly.

Steam Update is taking forever, maybe I didn’t need to update.


Also, our forums contain an area where you can apply for CPT anyways, rebels are free to join, but you can, and most likely will be blacklisted from it if you fail to co-operate with the rules as a rebel.



Odd, showing a different server then what it actually is, give it 15 minutes to update.

Have to download a new version of cakescript, it failed.


Problem should be solved with the new players.

It be fixed wonderful!


Join now ZOMG if your cool enough!

This guy looks like an alt of that ‘Gordon Zombie’ guy.