[KG] Key-Gaming Community - Roleplaying and More!


As many of you have seen my other post - Insurgency RP, I am not here to talk about only that, instead I am here to talk about the various other things My new community is working on.

The original idea for [KG] started up around last summer during my work on a gamemode called NZS, later it was discontinued due to various reasons. Instead we brought NZS back with a different approach at things, and a different map. [KG]'s main goal is to get ZRB(NZS) back up and running with a new and improved script.

Key-Gaming offers three servers(Two, third on thursday) that you can play on
Server #1: InsurgencyRp

Server #2: Sandbox

Server #3: ZRB

THE IP’s and details are all on our forums.

InsurgencyRp is a community of roleplaying teachers, roleplaying veterans, and roleplaying noobies. The main goal is to teach the community of roleplaying that guns are alright for visual and for combat as long as it’s handled correctly, and roleplayed correctly. We’ve placed the storyline behind our server based on a war on terrorism.

Storyline: Originally the MU’s we’re deployed to the combat field in search of vast amounts of oil. The media covered this up saying it was on terrorism. Soon after the deployment, a MU was reported POW(Prisoner of War). The war on terrorism has now begun, and each person plays an important roll in the story.

The event for the kidnapping has yet to take place, but will as soon as the new server for InsurgencyRP is set up. This server is purely based on story, and events.

Our sandbox server has all the up to date wire and phx add-ons and many tools to make your build efficent. Every now and then we do hold roleplaying on our sandbox, however we like to keep it to our actual roleplaying server.

ZRB - Can’t go into details here.


Uh… No offense, but if your this desperate to post your community on FacePunch you might as well not waste your time with it.

… I’m not desperate, just needed a new thread, the other ones too untidey.