KH: Organization XIII Black coat

Hi, i was wondering if this is a model of the organization black coats from kingdom hearts with the hoods on?

like this

if there is one already out there, a link would be nice.

or if someone would make one for me that would be great too

I support this, indeed!


bump again

There is an Axel model but I met the creator and he told me it was hard as hell make a decent coat.

yeah i seen it but im looking for a version with the hood up


gonna keep bumping this til someone answers my request

Its gonna be a cold day before anyone actualy creates these…but

If you can figure out how to…whats the word…idk get these models I be a happy camper

well it least i got somewhere to start maybe ill ask ApocHedgie for help or advice on how to do it myself

I been trying myself for last…idk year maybe. trying to create them, following tutorials and such but no Luck. Either I suck at it or the tutorials are horrible at explaining wtf you do with the .smd

dont look at me, i dont know jack about .smd

support this

well that link helped me with those models i couldnt get on gmod before but im still need one model like the image i posted

Well like this guy said:

I dont think your gonna get the model

would someone kindly rig this model for me?

i found a model with the hood one

According to the model, it says it’s already rigged. You’ll need to remove the skeleton and give it a valve Biped.

There was already and organization member that was ported as a player model, so I’d suggest using Rigging it to his skeleton by decompiling him and removing everything but the skeleton, then rigging the hooded Roxas to it.

I’d do the porting and Rigging myself, but the Uv for the textures is completely screwed up and the normals are flipped. So I’m not the right guy for the job i’m afraid.

ill ask apochedgie or RTB they might know what to do

also this is for making movies and images not for a player model