KH2 models


that’d actually be cool. We got one in his Twilight Town cloths, but not orginization. I suggest though, making his keyblades seperate from his body, that way there’s alot more posing options, (no keyblades, twirling them around, etc) and someone might even make a player model of it if you ask real nicely. Also, you need referance pictures buddy. The avatar’s a start though…

someone was working on this and they didn’t release it so the keyblades are in the kingdom hearts WIP thread which is locked

Yeah, I have the same picture in a folder. And I found a pack that already has the keyblades.

Little kid in a black trench coat.
i’m sorry, that’s funny as hell lookin’

well, it was a disney/square enix game…

Yeah, this I think Square Enix should have sold out to Microsoft, not Final Fantasy.
starts marching in step again
Back on track with the thread:

Square MADE final fantasy. And what, you want to see Master Chief talking about a sword shaped like a key?