KH2 Sora, Roxas and KH:BBS Ventus Ragdolls....

I know the first 2 models have been done, but id like to release them as a pack, i can provide high poly models of these characters, all i need is someone to rigg these as ragdolls (preferably with face and finger posing). If anyone is interested please let me know if you can rigg these models for garrys mod IN THIS THREAD, there will be a download link at the bottom of this post.




If i do get these models rigged by someone and i am able to release these as a pack, i may extract more characters and different forms and get them rigged, but ONLY if someone is up for rigging these 3 models as ragdolls first.

Source Files Link (all models are in .obj format and all textures are in .png format):

PS if anyone can instruct me on how to assign jigglebones to a model and compile it, ill be able to create a complete KH2FM Keyblade pack and possibly do some KH:BBS ones (however low-poly they are…)

These models looks awesome! :smiley:

guys dont let this fall below the first page, these are good quality models and desserve rigging.

I agree. But I’m only waiting for Sora.

even though Soras already been done, the same with roxas, but i feel that i can do a better job on the textures and some of the transparency work also it shouldnt have the weird blending of textures that the already done roxas has.

ok so im going to attempt to rig Ventus and get him into Garry’s Mod using mariokart64n’s ragdolling tutorial, ill post pics of how it turns out.

I can rig it but I can’t add finger/face/eye posing yet. I’m also new at rigging. Still, would you want that?

yeah could you? ive tried but it didnt want to work, also if any of the models have holes let me know and ill send you a fresh export ok? also adding finger posing is easy, if you make a hand root bone, and then the fingers and link them and then look at the handbone names of a decompiled model (aka Alyx from HL2) youll be able to compile finger posing.

yes, I’ve been using Alyx’s finger bones from the start, I just haven’t tried Flexes. But, I’ll try to put flexes on Ventus (first time).

good luck, and thanks for helping out, eye posing on ventus will be an issue as its texture based and his eyes have a seperate mesh for the iris area. also do any of the models have holes in for you?

just a quick update.
I’ve already finished the easy part,. just need to add the flexes and learn how to smoothen him up,.
if there are any hints please tell (on smoothing and flexes),…
I’ll continue it tomorrow,…

nice work, not sure how to get the smoothing to work, but the model has turnt out well, thx for all your help.

also im not sure if its your GFX Card but the textures look a little, pixelated in that image.

if you send me a rigged .dae or fbx file, ill attempt to re-export it with fixes smoothing through max 2012 or 2012.

I can give it to you in .max format, I’ve already sent the link to you,. goodluck!!

well, somehow smoothing groups don’t work well if I enlarge a small model (fbx to 3ds max makes the model small in my experiece,.)

tiny update…
someone thought me how to fix the fingers,. the one I have now has finger posing. no face/eye posing yet though,.

well, this is all I can do for now,. kinda glad with the results. thanks!!!