Khaos Zone - Server rename imminent - NOT KHAOS-Gaming

For anyone that plays on the server that has been known as ‘Khaos Zone’, please note that the server will be getting renamed to ‘The Stryfe Zone’ soon. Since the time I originally started this server, KHAOS-gaming has come online with a server named similarly, and there have been some folks confused. I will also be adding some tags to describe the server, so look in the title for ‘Stryfe Zone’. The current server name starts with Khaos Zone and includes a note about the rename.

For anyone who doesn’t play, this is a shared server, max 100, PvP, Sleepers, standard craft server. Wipes will be minimized as much as possible – likely only in the event of extreme glitch abuse or if facepunch makes a savefile-breaking change.

I play on the server and am the only admin. I will not abuse admin powers. I am grinding along with the other folks and won’t even spawn in a stone hatchet for myself. I don’t even do rcon.login unless I need to reboot the server for a config change, which has been rare, and I give everyone a chance to get somewhere safe before I do.

We have a good community so far of mostly friendly folks with a few bandits and some team conflicts which keep it interesting.

Luv this server. Playing on it since i bought Rust.

Kaos Zone was an awesome name, but more server owners thougt like that.
Super friendly staff + super friendly players

Server name will be changing tonight to:
The Stryfe Zone

There may be prefixes and suffixes to denote location, game rules, etc.

I will give everyone time to get to a safe place before rebooting.

Don’t come on this server : ADMIN ABUSE / Spawn item ( C4)

I am guessing you either 1) have this server confused with KHAOS Gaming (and I am not suggesting they do either) or 2) you are intentionally trying to scare people away from this server to your own, but I can assure you there has been no - zero - zip item spawning by any admins, as I am the only admin and I have done no such thing.

Log on and ask anyone that plays. I am grinding along right next to everyone else. I am pretty adamant about this.

If you are mistaken, please correct yourself. If you are lying, I have different advice that I’d rather not post.

Server renamed …

“The Stryfe Zone [US-E]PvP|NrmCrft|Sleepers (prev Khaos Zone)”

this server is the best, thanks =]