Kick ass server


Sorry but your shitty DarkDM server isn’t “Kick ass”

DarkDM? Right way to flame, I doubt you have even been on it.

You sell admin, enough to make me never join.

Wooooh this server got everythin

Oh right because I sell admin that must mean my server sucks, alot of servers sell admin and whether we sell admin or not that reflects nothing of the content or playability of our server.

Yes it does.
You end up with shitty admins who don’t know what they are doing.

Nope we weed out the shitty admins, btw you have no fucking clue what your talking about so stfu and dont prejudge things

Listen, not flame but I am going to be straight up with you. Fist off you have nothing about your server (What makes it good, what do you have that other servers don’t). Second, you sell admin. Admins are supposed to be picked out of the crowd not give you a few dollars. Third, don’t use “lol,stfu,wtf,etc.” It dosen’t sound professional and makes you seem like a 12 year old.

So a person with a legit argument hasn’t got a clue simply because you say so?

Right, and I’m perfectly sure you only sell admin to people who are rightfully tested for common administrative knowledge.

The more you argue and name call the less likely you are to gain popularity.

And by the way, selling admin will always put a bad taste in any role-players mouth.

I’ve been on several servers that sell admin, they’re all terrible because all they do is abuse.

“Herp derp I buy admin I can do wateva I wa’ant”

Please :frog:

They act perfect around you purposely, when your not around they abuse like shit. Quit flaming over criticism.

I retract my previous statment but please before you do criticize check out our server

I’m not even going to bother joining a server that sells admin.

See your just stereotyping my server. I assure you that your incorrect. Join and be proven wrong

Move this to the sever advertisement forum.

this is a fail server it has bad admins all they do is rdm an abuse there powers dont join this server its horrible!


Lol gay server. And he ues