Kick Ban from #1 oceanic NEVER HACKED [Rust]

for starters, I have never hacked rust even once, I would not like to be one of those people ruining the game!

I tried to join the server started earlier (protected by facepunch) only to not connect. Thought it was some error so I decided to try again.
No connection, I check console with f1 and get the message in red “facepunch_kick_ban” . Negative reaction.

The closest thing I’ve been to hacks on rust was i was with a clan called RH (resource hole) of whom I met on the server. I later found out they were cheaters and I left and joined another server (happened about 3-4 days ago)

today I log on to see I’m apparently banned and have never done anything wrong!

I am not happy, and if this is the wrong place to post this please redirect me to the right area.


NOTE: 1 vac ban, mw3 aimbotting about 2 years ago. I was young and I can never play that game again, I never hacked again. I swear on my life.

Your banned because you cheated. If you really didnt cheat go PM Garry or something to unban you.

Looks like it’s just a regular ban, not a VAC ban. Just join another server, admins can ban anyone for whatever reason.

Do what Darkwater says if you cant connect to any servers then its most likly a cheatpunch ban. As for now your not VAC banned so i think your fine enless your banned from all servers.

questionmark in my name was setting off the facepunch system, it’s fixed now

wow… a legit unban!! congrats!! lol