Kick from my server when I type this. What is going on?

Dear Facepunch users,

So I have my own DarkRP server and every time someone types “/advert raid” it kicks them. And I tested this and it actually does kick you, but it displays this ‘April Fools’ message when you get kicked.

If anyone knows what this is for or why its there, please tell my why. Its really frustrating.

Kind Regards

~ CitadelNetwork


HAHA its the new Darkrp update

I got the same problem xd

its happening, the rise of logical thinking has struck the creators of darkrp. They finally will standup to this crazy addon war and bizarre rules!! Finally!!!

check my thread

In your darkrp modification config (or core gamemode/config/config.lua)

Find GM.Config.AprilFools and make it false

Encouraging sensible rules is now an April Fool’s joke. Damn that’s funny.

someone hacked the core of Garry’s forehead and has been modifying core files of my [del]mom[/del] every gamemode, play with caution.

I like this update honestly.

I just heard that it was an April Fools joke. Nice one haha :goodjob:

you’ve been pranked:godzing:

I wish Falco wouldn’t remove it.

sirens go up

(sirens were an actual thing in some darkrp addon)

Actually not a bad idea. I remember when that rule was first starting to pop up and the server I played on adopted it and I was completely fucking mystified as to why. At the very least just make it broadcast to admin chat, not goddamn advert whose purpose gets perverted because of this. The current way is where when someone adverts raid all I think is “shit, time to check my door!”

This message is completely true though

I changed the DarkRP MOTD (which is fetched with HTTP, so every server sees it)

I want this discussion to continue after the joke. It’s important.

You do realize that over 80% of all players of your gamemode did not even finish school yet, right?
So stuff like telling people how to improve their servers won’t change shit. If you want a difference on servers, you gotta change the gamemode to make people change their rules.

I think you should just stop updating DarkRP because it’s aids and it needs to die.

I’m very much open to ideas as to what changes I can make to make DarkRP better like that. Back in the day “advert for hits” was a real problem. I helped that situation a lot by making a hitman menu in DarkRP.

Sadly the same doesn’t apply to “advert for raids”. A raid menu would just be the same as an advert. At least with hits there’s an interaction going on (the payment). Mentioning that you’re starting a raid, whether by /advert or some button in a menu, is and will remain to be a chore that raiders shouldn’t be forced to do.

Same with FearRP. What reasonable thing can I do?

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Luckily for me, AIDS is very hard to get rid of.