Kick from unity?

I have been having problems with this unity thing it says unity crashed then it would bring up a send report.I really don know what to do

Can someone help me?

Try Switching browsers or Try redownloading Unity

I have the same problem, and not only two of us. I guess we just have to wait for Garry to fix it

What are your system specs?

Computer is not the problem, it’s unity i have been playing rust before and ran perfectly

I didn’t ask you. Notice how I quoted OP’s post and not yours?

We have same problem, can YOU see the connection?

All that means is Unity crashes. It doesn’t mean it’s being caused by the same problem.

Besides, do you even know what OS he’s running? What if he’s on a Mac? What if he’s trying to use IE6 on a Windows XP machine? What if he hasn’t updated his graphics drivers since Moses parted the waves?

These things matter.

Yeah but i don’t think he would use his grandmothers computer. And there are hundreds of people with exact same problem i tried 3 different graphics cards, so problem is not in type of PC Specs or OS he is using or anyone else.

It’s ok I fixed it all you have to do is go to unity and download unity trial and also use google that worked for me then reset your computer so thanks for the help and I will see you in the battle ground :3