Kick in door script

i was wondering if some one could make a script that when you went up to a door u hit e+left click or somthing (hit some button to do it if u make it u choos)and it does slow motian kicks the door and the door flys back off its hinges?

its seems epic…so dont be a hater and say this is gay

i got the idea wen i wached this vido

from 0:47 - 1:07 is the door kick thing

post a comment and tell me what u think and if you can make it plz do
ill highly thankfull

you could recode one of Kermite’s shotguns to the SMod foot, and take out the bullets. I’m not sure how to take out the bullets, and make it do damage, though.

I think what you need is this :

It has the kick, the flying doors and slow motion with cheats on or in single player. If you don’t like the sparta sound just comment it out. :slight_smile:

no because i hade that b4 and it sucked i want something that kicks doors in not kills u have a gun out u hit a button leg comes out with slomo and boom door gos flyen away


Alright, I’ll recode the freakin sparta swep, if you PROMISE to stop saying “omg lol ur all n00bs, and no 1 will make my epic script, cuz ur all gay!!!”

Well, it seems to be broken, Working on it now.


oh and i never sayed that

Try to use some proper grammar, people will think better of you and you will look much more intelligent, and less like an annoying 8 year old.

Who’s looking.

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Uses smods kick and make doors props?

Are you talking about using a SlowMo effect in multiplayer? thats sort of impossible.
If you are talking about singleplayer, then yeah it is possible. Just very hard.

No, he just wants a foot that breaks doors down. I’m having trouble with the code, so, anyone else wanna try?

no i want somo wen sv_cheats 1 is on and wen u kick a door the door gets kicked in

Please use grammar kid. AND, that was done with his OWN scripts and mostly ragdolls and coded source animation, I <3 Kitty0706

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Your so kind to people who are giving you some simple advise. People WILL take you seriously if your not an ass and use any kind of grammar okay?

Well, I was going to give him a script that did what he wanted. But now… Nah.

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