KickAssClan's Gaming Servers


Looks really stupid and unprofessional, seems to me by the website (and your username) that it is run by mostly 12-13 year old admins.

Just a first glance guess.


It doesn’t look unprofessional becuase of your words, although it is quite a lack there of. Its your “hurr cololor bok” style and the fact you can’t decide on any single theme. Not to mention the shitty edit on your logo, your tagline, “We will kick your ass” is also unoriginal and looks as if a child made it to be “ubr col and egdy”


I also played on your DarkRP server once. A bunch of minges and bad admins with squeaky voices, it was a horrible server and a horrible group of people that run it.


Man, this looks horrible. It’s pretty much what Dachande said.
Horrible admins, minges galore. I do have to add something, however. I see your typing is horrible, and this is the 30-some-ish RP server I’ve seen on here.



And your username makes people think that you are an idiot honestly

this server is best

cant u tel?!!

omfg hrd kor

324 permabans is too much unless you go through ban phases like I do. Anticheat logs are great things.

Just Delete this since almost everyone on face punch are dicks.

So everyone in Face Punch are dicks for pointing out the truth?

This server sucks dick. Last time I was here, admins were minging…

thats actually true

LMAO, and don’t type aaa. Type -snip- so people know you aren’t spamming.