kicked by console "no steam id"

when i create a lan server in gmod and one of my friends joins i get kick out of my own server and get this message -kicked by console “no steam id”-
please someone help me.

Sounds like a pirate.

no its legal copy bought on steam

Are you running a linux server via wine?


Have you unblocked Steam and hl2.exe from your firewall?

yes but it didn’t work

Create your listen server and type status in console. Cut and paste that here.

I got that once when I went to a random server. The host politely informed me the server was non steam >:(

] status
hostname: Garry’s Mod
version : 4104 insecure
udp/ip :
map : gm_ps_hugeflatconstruct_svn at: -9781 x, -479 y, 94 z
players : 1 (8 max)

userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state adr

5 “reynskor” STEAM_0:0:22078263 00:35 21 0 active loopback

Try delete .blob files or launch another game and create lan server then go back to gmod?