Kicked for lua errors automatically. sv_kickerrornum 0 doesn't seem to work

This seems to be an issue with the latest update where I’m being force-disconnected from my own server for too many lua errors, I believe. I had sv_kickerrornum 0 in server.cfg and it’s still doing it. This is a big problem since when you’re developing things loads of errors can be a common occurrence. Is there a fix for this? I noticed garry added a disconnect thing to his blog but frankly this is more annoying than useful.

Try fixing the errors

I know you might think this is stupid, but really.
You should not have LUA errors in the first place if you/your code knows what he is doing.

Which would be easier were we not autokicked from our own development srcds tests

There could just be some sort of development convar that would restrict certain things only for development.

What about no kick for errors when sv_cheats is enabled?

Try using sv_kickerrornum 99999 rather than 0

Kicking players when they attempt to debug their scripts isn’t helpful …

I’ll see if I can find a work-around when GMod finishes updating.

sv_kickerrornum 0 works fine for me.
And it’s not like it removes the error print when you are kicked, so, like garry in his box fort has said, try fixing the errors.

…Though if for some reason kickerrornum still isn’t functioning as expected then there’s a problem.

i had a problem like this . it would completely turn off like if i closed it . I got it working again by updating my steam then updating my srcds even though it was at its latest update and it worked. maybe try that.

The kickerrornum works fine for me too. That is, unless you make an intentional error in a think hook and let it spam - after so many thousands of reports it will reproduce what the OP is saying. After some time you will be kicked, and you’ll be unable to fully join any server until you restart Garry’s Mod as you’ll connect but as soon as you’re in it says “Disconnect by user”.