Kid is stealing a lot of peoples stuff

Can some one please ban this kid? He is stealing a lot of peoples stuff and putting it into a pack and saying he did not steal it but clearly he never asked for permission from the actual users to put their stuff in a pack.


If you can get him removed I would be happy.

Yay, one more to add in the long list of kids that want to be respected.



Even more of a failure the kid is still whining about me getting his download taken away lol he got banned from Disqus because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, now he is “Description” fighting :stuck_out_tongue:

"Part two to Half LoL. Just put it in garrysmod/garrysmod save folder. I not going to give a crap about the “hahaha no” comments. So what this is is a comedy remake of a half life 2 level, and this level will only go up to the end of the mission.If you have not done part one, please do so. Enjoy!

HEY EVERYBODY GREGORY NORTON IS RELATED TO JUSTIN BIEBER AND LOVES HIS MUSIC SO MUCH HE HAS EVERY SINGLE CD AND DOES NOT HAVE A WIFE OR CHILDERN (because he EATS them) AND HAS NO FRIENDS BUT JUSTIN BIEBER! ok listen greg, stop spamming your crap on my account. I cannot believe you even made a FP thread that has a dead link on it, and yes, disqus blocked me from commenting and the reason I said “shut the frick up” instead of cussing because, well, make fun of me all you wish but ima christian. "

Dude, greg this is really weird but I’m actually agreeing with you. He is a little bitch. I do have to say this last part (Fuck christians. They’re all hypocrites; you speak of god as all mighty and yet fight to defend him as if he needs you and feel it is your place to say what he does and does not want. honestly, Is god almighty a giant infant? he was given some biological building blocks and decided to put people together this fucked up way? If god created us in his image, why are we so squishy and killable and how do you know he didn’t just make us to fuck with us for his amusement. FUCK YEA IM GOING TO HELL!!!)

what a cute relationship is developing around you too!
Maybe you two should go to Bermuda together?
Chat about kids stealing stuffs while sippin’ on some freshly cracked coconuts, aye?

Yes you’re totally right! Yea…no ones laughing at your joke.

Fucking lol’d at the posting message.


Kiss my fucking ass, I’ll say whatever the fuck I want.

=(e)=â„¢ Destr is an actual lad. Despite the fact he is a complete failure, Gregster is actually an ass hole, so for that I thank =(e)=â„¢ Destr.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

You fail sir he is just some little kid uploading stupid shit and yet you have nothing to do besides sitting here all day. And I’m an asshole because? Not my fault he put some ones elses downloads in a pack with out asking.

You’re both assholes. He’s being a little ignorant dick head and you’re just furthering the argument which doesn’t need to exist in the first place.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

If you look back at your previous posts in other topics, I think you may see why people (including myself) think you are an asshole. Obviously no offence to what I have called you, I only say this as you are a little kid that cries about everything.


You’re insults are getting old. Not to mention those insults apply to you as well.
I also cannot see why you have taken it upon yourself to become the janitor of facepunch. is full of this kind of stuff. Deal with it.

to GMgregster: shut the fuck up

to .exe-llorT: I agree now shut the fuck up so greg will

to Hellknite: thats just kinda stupid… oh and please shut the fuck up

to KingKombat: Thank you but i have to say it cuz i did to everyone else, shut the fuck up

Thank you everyone and i mean it, shut the fuck up, don’t reply, this shit is over. If you do reply, just keep in mind that you are proving how hopeless you are like trying to keep a tiny little flame going after someone else already dumped a bucket of water on it

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Rusty100))



Please stop bitching and ban this kid. Not OP, the copycat troll.


I found it funny :smug:

I seen his profile a bit and he uploaded nihilanth sounds from HL1, isn’t that warez?

Stuff like this make me wonder why kids are allowed on the internet. Sure, some of them are well behaved but come on now.

Shep and I had a very intriguing convos on the last two forum pages.
So be NICE!

Oh lol sorry I didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t go to profiles and look at your post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: cause I don’t roll like that :3


Oooh you fixed my post thanks soooo much, the file was gone already so why be a douche and comment? And you’re sooo totally right I mean like my insults are so old I mean like I don’t even know what to say! Yet changing things in quotes are so immature.


:stuck_out_tongue: well I didn’t know he was being sarcastic because I can’t hear texts :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, more of this stealing and i swear…