Kid spamming chat, crashing/lagging people. NAME CerebralLolzy

***Please, ban this guy asap. It lags everyone in the game and crashes a number of people.

I cant seem to post the log or it overloads this post i suppose. Anyway, he spams “[gkljdn]” But with repeating “ndndndn” for a long time. Also spammed Over and over and over. Every time he says it, everyone in the game severely lags/crashes.


Already posted a thread here with more proof:

Yeah this has been brought to our attention, can’t say for sure whether it will get resolved soon or not. It pretty much has the same chances as the hacker situation.

Gah I keep trying to tell you all I was just recreating the bug I’m sending it off to the bug reporter.

Hey devs, what about limit a chat message to 256 symbols, huh?

That awkward moment when you have a legit reason to send a 260 character chat message…

Split it up into 2 parts

We’ve got a fix lined up for the next update